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Liste des vidéos de l’État islamique (1er août 2015 au 31 juillet 2016)

Liste des vidéos de l’État islamique (partie 1/2)

Voici la liste des vidéos de l’État islamique diffusées entre le 1er août 2015 et le 31 juillet 2016. Noter que certaines vidéos n’étaient plus disponibles au moment de la collecte de données puisque leurs sources avaient été supprimées. Ces vidéos seront recherchées à nouveau à la fin du processus d’entrée de données pour vérifier si de nouvelles sources seront disponibles.

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Juillet 2016

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1bRamadan: The Month of Jihad and Qur'anal-JazirahArabe-
1aKhurasan: Graveyard of the Apostates #2KhurasanArabe-
2Ramadan: The Month of JihadNinawaArabe-
3Ramadan in the Shade of the Caliphateal-KhayrArabe-
4The Clear VictoryHimsArabe-
5bMa vengeanceAlHayatFrançais, anglais, arabeOui
5aTo the Knights of the Caliphate in Bengalal-RaqqahAnglais (sous-titres), arabe, autreNon
6bThe Raid of Niger: Coverage of the Liberation of the Nigerien Military Training Camp in the Bosso AreaGharb IfriqiyyahArabe-
6aThe Structure of the Khalifahal-FurqanAnglais (sous-titres), arabe-
8And To Glorify For That To Which He Has Guided Youal-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
9bStory of the Call to Actional-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
9aThis Is Our 'IdNinawaArabe-
10bSelected 10 Videos From the Provinces of The Islamic State - June/July 2016NAAnglais, arabeOui
10aHarvest of the Two YearsKarkukArabe-
12Then It Will Be For Them A Source Of Regret; Then They Will OvercomeHalabArabe-
14Deterrence of the Monotheists of the Campaigns of the ApostatesDijlahNANASource non-disponible
15Raid of the Villages of AmirliKarkukArabe-
18The Walls of al-FustatDimashqArabe-
20bTheir Alliance and Our TerrorismNinawaFrançais, ArabeOui (France)
20aVotre silence vous tueal-FuratFrançais, arabeOui (France)
23The Ruling Laws of Godal-KhayrArabe-
26This Is What God and His Messenger Had promised UsTarabulusArabe-
27And God Will Be Sufficient For You Against Themal-FuratAnglais (sous-titres)Oui
28Merchants of the ReligionNinawaArabe-
30The Bravery of enal-FuratArabe-
31 The Castle of GloriesBaghdadArabe-

Juin 2016

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1The Epic Battle of Constancy #2DijlahNANASource non-disponible
2aBetween the Two Migrationsal-KhayrNANASource non-disponible
2bRamadan: The Month of ConquestsNAArabe-
3The Promise of Victoryal-FallujahNANASource non-disponible
4aProgress of the Battle in the Vincinity of A'zaz CityHalabNANASource non-disponible
4bProtectors of Religion #3al-FuratArabe-
5Raids of the Vultures #2al-AnbarArabe-
6The Axe of AbrahamNinawaArabe-
7Patience, Fallujah of Gloryal-FuratArabe-
8aSelected 10 Videos From the Provinces of The Islamic StateNAAnglais (sous-titres)Oui
8bBut God Will Perfect His LightSalah al-DinArabe-
11Deterring the Offenders #2al-JazirahArabe-
14And Capture Them and Bisiege Themal-KhayrArabe-
14Orlando AttackAlBattarAnglais (sous-titres)Oui
15Those Who Gave Shelter and AidedDijlahNANASource non-disponible
16Foothold of the Conquerersal-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
17aAnd the Best Outcome Is For the Righteousal-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
17bDemise of the Body and the Extension of the HisbahHalabNANASource non-disponible
18aCarrying of the Musk and the Blowing of the Bellowsal-KhayrNANASource non-disponible
18bRamadan: The Month of Fasting and the Night PrayerNAArabe-
19aYou Are Not Held Responsible Except for YourselfAl-FuratAnglais, arabeOui
19bYou Won't Dream of Being SecureKhurasanAnglais, arabeOui
20The Atmosphere of Ramadan in Wilayat NinawaNinawaNANASource non-disponible
21The Solid EdificeThe PhilippinesArabe-
22Exposing the Disguised OnesHimsArabe-
23Who Never Escape From War #2SalahuddinArabe-
25aRevelations of SatanAl-KhayrArabe-
25bTeaser TrailerAl-KhayrArabe-
27aMore Effective for Us and More Damaging Upon ThemNinawaFrançais, arabeOui
27bTwo Years Since the CaliphateHalabArabe-
28Slaugter Storyal-FuratArabe-
29aGuiding the Peopleal-RaqqahNA-Source non-disponible
30aKill the Clerics of Disbeliefal-FuratArabe, bosnien-
30bFront Line of the Mujahid in the Fortified Strongholds of the MuslimsHalabArabe-

Mai 2016

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1aBut Give Good Tidings To the Patiental-FallujahArabe-
1bSo They Kill and Are KilledBaghdadArabe-
2The Greatest Losers in Respect of Their Workal-FuratArabe-
3The Horrible Destruction of the agents of the Crossal-JazirahNANASource non-disponible
4Raid of the Villages to Spread GuidanceHalabNANASource non-disponible
5aSinai of Pride and Defianceal-JazirahArabe-
5bSinai of Glory and SteadfastnessDijlahArabe-
5cPatience Sinai, Victory Is ComingNinawaArabe-
5dMessages of Firmness to the Land of Monologues of SufferingSalah al-DinNANASource non-disponible
5eAnd You Will Be Superioral-FuratArabe-
5fWith Patience and Certainty You Will Be Victoriousal-AnbarArabe-
6aMessage to Our Brothers in the SinaiHamahNANASource non-disponible
6bSinai Land of Epic Battles and RedemptionDimashqNANASource non-disponible
6cAnd Returned the Descendants of the CompanionsKarkukNANASource non-disponible
6dFrom Aleppo to the SinaiHalabArabe-
6eIndeed With Hardship (Will Be) Easeal-FallujahArabe-
6fSinai: The Gateway to JerusalemHimsNANASource non-disponible
7aAnd the Best Outcome Is For the RighteousTarabulusArabe-
7bA Glimmer of Hope For the Swordal-KhayrArabe-
7cThe Raid of Abu Sabah al-Zawbi'ial-JanubArabe-
9aSo Fight Against the Allies of Satanal-BarqahArabe-
9bSelected 10 Videos From the Provinces of The Islamic State - April/May 2016NAAnglais, français, arabeOui
11Retribution of the Subjects From the ApostatesNinawaArabe-
13Statistics of the Military Operations for the Month of April-May 2016al-JanubArabe-
14Sur les traces de mon pèreHalabFrançais, arabeOui
15The Generation of Epic Battlesal-BarakahNANASource non-disponible
16Progress of the Battle on the Outskirts of Tadmur CityHimsArabe-
18And That He Will Surely Establish For Them (Therein) Their ReligionBarqahArabe-
19The Land of India: Between Pain and HopeHimsArabe-
20Overwhelming the Enemies'Adan-AbyanArabe-
22Al-Bashir Village and the Piles of StoneKarkukArabe-
24Charge of the Righteous Upon the Infidel Peshmerga #2NinawaArabe-
25The Flame of Redemption #1Salah al-DinNANASource non-disponible
26aPledge of Allegiance of the Tajik Brothers to the Caliph of the Muslims Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-QuarayshiKhurasanArabe-
26bThe Steadfastness of Fallujaal-FallujahNANASource non-disponible
28aDie In Your Rageal-RaqqahArabe-
28bSo They Kill and Are Killed #2BaghdadArabe-
29From Humiliation To GloryTarabulusAnglais, français, arabeNonSegments en anglais : 5:34 - 6:12 et 15:02 - 15:13
Segment en français : 7:25 - 7:37
30The Religion of Unbelief is Oneal-HayatAnglaisOui
31aDestroy All Satellite Receiversal-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
31bAnd Warning the BelieversNinawaArabe-
31cProtect Yourselves and Your Families From a Fireal-KhayrArabe-

Avril 2016

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1Make Takbir Oh MonotheistalHayatNANASource non-disponible
2But They Plan, And God PlansKarkukNANASource non-disponible
3A tour in the Administrations of the Stateal-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
4Fight Them; Allah Will Punish Them by Your HandsAlwa'adAnglais, arabeOui
5The raid of Abu Mustaga al-Ansari: Storming the Barracks of the Apostates in al-Baghdadial-AnbarArabe-
6Maintenance of Virtue in Deterring ImmoralityNinawaArabe-
7Glad Tidings With the Support of the ClansNinawaNANASource non-disponible
8Liquidation of the Apostate Kitab Majid al 'UtaybiNajdNANASource non-disponible
10Selected 10 Videos From the Provinces of the Islamic StateNAAnglais, français, arabeOui
11Coverage of the Battle in the Village of Shandujhahal-JazirahArabe-
12aStatistics of the Military Operations for the Month of March-April 2016al-JanubArabe-
12bBangers of the SwordsSalah al-DinArabe-
14Abundant ProvisionNinawaArabe-
16Guardians of the Subjectsal-FuratArabe-
17Where To Flee?al-FallujahNANASource non-disponible
19Progress of the Battle: Attack on the Barracks of the Rerectionist Committees Near 'Ajil FieldKirkukArabe-
24Who Never Escape From WarSalah al-DinArabe-
25Whether Light Or Heavyal-KhayrArabe-
27Their Assembly Will Be Defeated, And They Will Turn Their Backs (In Retreat): Progress of the Battle in MakhurDijlahArabe-
28God Will Enrich You From His Bountyal-RaqqahArabe-
29Sang pour sangalHayatFrançais, anglaisOuiNasheed
30Kill Them, Verily, They Are Polytheists HamahArabe-

Mars 2016

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1Zakat: The Truth of Money and Duty of the LeaderHomsArabe-
2Holding Wonds of Their Nation #10Salah al-DinArabe-
3Care For Orphans Within the Confines of The Islamic StateNinawaArabe-
5A Profit That Will Never Perishal-QawqazArabe, autre-
6The Caucasus: The Disease and the MedicineNANANA*Source non-disponible
7Aspects of the Raid of Abu Taybah al-Ansarial-AnbarArabe-
9So fight Against the Allies of SatanDijlahArabe-
10aProtectors of the RespectedDimashqArabe-
10bThe Nectar of Life #2SaynaArabe-
11Oh Descendants of the Companions in Lebanonal-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
12So the Hypocrites Are Apprehensiveal-FuratNANASource non-disponible
13The Raid of Suhayb al 'IraqiKarkukArabe-
14Messages to BinghaziTarabulusArabe-
15Victory From God and An Imminent Conquest #4al-KhayrArabe-
16Knights of Victory #7al-FallujahArabe-
17Oh People of Islam in Libya, Upon You With the Groupal-BarqahArabe-
18Statistics of the Military NAArabe-
19Harvest of the Military Operations for the Month of February-March 2016SaynaArabe-
21aPledge Allegiance From Katibat Jund al-Tawhid of Jama' at Abu Sayyaf in Sulu, Philippines to the Caliph of the Muslims Ibrahim Bin 'Awad al-Hussayni al-Qurayshial-FuratNANASource non-disponible
21bBut God Will Perfect His LightNinawaNANASource non-disponible
24With Their Blood They Are Advised #2al-AnbarArabe-
25aAn Appropriate RecompenseNinawaFrançais, anglais (sous-titres), arabeOui
25bThey Are Suffering As You Are Sufferingal-KhayrArabe-
26aAnd What Is To Come Will Be More Devastating And BitterTarabulusAnglais, arabeOuiSegment en anglais : 2:50 - 4:21
26bAnd Cast Terror Into Their Heartsal-RaqqahFrançais, arabe, allemandOui
27Oeil pour oeilal-FuratFrançais, arabeOui (Belgique)Source temporairement non-disponible
28Fight Them That They Might CeaseNinawaArabe-
29Picking HeadsSalah al-DinArabe-
30To Establish the ReligionTarabulusArabe-
31Preparation of the Defiant to Defeat the TyrantSaynaArabe-

Février 2016

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
2aHim We Will Give a Good LifeHalabArabe-
2bRaids of the Vulturesal-AnbarArabe-
3Those Who Reject Injustices #2HadramawtArabe-
4And Had Enough of the FalsehoodHalabNANASource non-disponible
7aAnd We Did Not Wrong Them (Thereby), But They Were Wronging Themselves #2HamahArabe-
7bWhose Peaceful ReligionTarabulusArabe-
8aArrows of the Nightal-JazirahArabe-
8bPreserving the Borders of GodTarabulusArabe-
9aUnder the Shade of the SwordsHimsNANASource non-disponible
9bVictory Fro God and Conquest Is NearShamal BaghdadNANASource non-disponible
10aEnjoining What Is Right and Forbidding What Is WrongHomsNANASource non-disponible
10bThey Are the Enemy, So Beware of Them #4al-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
12Harvest of the Military Operations for the Month of January-February 2016SaynaArabe-
12Message to the People of AleppoHalabArabe-
13Raid of al 'Azim VillageDiyalaArabe-
14The Raid of Shaykh Abu al-Mughirah al-Qahtanial-BarqahArabe-
15 Statistics of the Military Operations for the Month of January-February 2016al-JanubArabe-
17The Raid of Abu Basir al-QurayshiSalah al-DinNANASource non-disponible
19aMy son Has Preceded Me: A Martyrs SrotyHalabNANASource non-disponible
19bThe Hollywood Reality of al-Baghdadi's GroupHidayyah Media FoundationAnglais (sous-titres), arabeNA*Source non-disponible, recrutement
21Security and Safety in the Islamic StateNinawaNANASource non-disponible
22To The LightHalabNANASource non-disponible
23The Good Men: The Abu Bakr al-Sadiq BattalionKhurasanNANASource non-disponible
24The Shaykh Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir Military Training Campal-FallujahNANASource non-disponible
25And The (Best) Outcome Is For The Righteous al-FuratArabe-
26The Epic Battles of Constancy at Makhul MountainDijlahArabe-
27Take (Oh, Muhammad) From Their Wealth A CharityTarabulusNANA*Source non-disponible
28God Will Punish Them By Your Handsal-JanubArabe-
29(Their) Assembly Will Be Defeated, And They Will Turn Their Backs (in Retreat)al-RaqqahArabe-

Janvier 2016

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
2Explosives of the Thrones #2al-AnbarArabe-
3aTerrify the Enemy of God and Your EnemyHimsArabe-
3bThey Are the Enemy, So Beware of Them #3al-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
4aAnd If They Fight You, They Will Show You Their BacksDimashqArabe-
4bWar of Minds #2SaynaNANASource non-disponible
6aOpening of a Slaughterhouse in Tadmur CityHimsArabe-
6bPersistence, Not Backing Down #3Salah al-DinArabe-
9aZakat in Wilayat al-Jazirahal-JazirahArabe-
9bRather, They Are Alive With Their Lord: Abu al-Zubayr al Jazrawial-RaqqahArabe-
10aThe Da'wah and Mosques AdministrationNinawaArabe-
10bIndeed the Firing Forceal-JanubArabe-
12Message to Our Brothers in SomaliaTarabulysAnglais (sous-titres), arabeNon
13aThe Fighting ArrowHalabArabe-
13bVictory From God and An Imminent Conquest #3al-KhayrArabe-
15Harvest of the Military Operations for the Month of December 2015 - January 2016SaynaArabe-
16Binghazi: The Meaning of Stability #2al-BarqahArabe-
18aStatistics of the Military Operations for the Month of December 2015 - January 2016al-JanubArabe-
18bShoot To Redeem Yourself #2NinawaArabe-
19aFrom the Sinai of al-Sham to Our People in the Islamic MaghribSaynaArabe-
19bThey Bewitched the Eyes of the People and Struck Terror Into Themal-KhayrArabe-
19cLand of the Conquestsal-RaqqahArabe-
19dTo the Land of the Islamic MaghribNinawaArabe-
20aThe Truth With the Convoyal-Jaza'irArabe-
20bTo the Knights of the Islamic Maghribal-FuratArabe-
20cThen There Is To Be No Agression Except Against The OppressorsDimashqArabe-
20dOh My People, To You I Send A MessageHimsArabe-
21aThe Countries of the Islamic Maghrib: The New Mardinal-BarakahArabe-
21bMessage From the Vultures to the Brave in the Islamic Maghribal-AnbarArabe-
21cRespond to God and to the MessengerHalabArabe-
21dMessage to the Land of the Islamic Maghribal-JazirahArabe-
23Messages from the Land of Sinai #2SaynaArabe-
24Kill Them Wherever You Find ThemalHayatFrançais, anglaisOui
26Knights of Victory #6al-FallujahArabe-
28Cubs of the Caliphate Military Training CampKhurasanArabe-
30aThe Most Evil CreationSalah al-DinArabe-
30bLiquidation of the ApostatesNinawaFrançais, arabe OuiSegment en français à partir de 4:09
31Stability of the Muslims Despite the Bombings of the CrusadersNinawaArabe-

Décembre 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
2aYou Shall Be Disappointed and Humiliated Oh Russiansal-RaqqahArabe, russe-
2bFrom Barqah to Parisal-BarqahAnglais, arabeOui
3aVivid Wordsal-FallujahArabe-
3bTo the Sons of the Jewsal-KhayrNANASource non-disponible
4Revenge of the Desert (Truffles)'Adan-AbyanArabe-
5aSupport the Caliphate #2NinawaArabe-
5bAnd the Magician Will Not Succeed Wherever He IsTarabulusArabe-
6aIndeed God Does Not Like TraitorsDijlahArabe-
6bLoyalty (to the Muslims) and Disavowal (of the Unbelievers)al-AnbarNANASource non-disponible
7aKilling the Apostates In Revenge For the Monotheists #3KhurasanArabe-
7bMessage to Khurasanal-KhayrAnglais (sous-titres), arabeNonSéquence en anglais : 0:24 - 0:35 (And if you Turn away, He will replace you with another people; then they will not be the like of you.
8aOh My People, Follow Me In the Way of righteousnessNinawaFrançais, anglais, arabeOui
8bMessage to the Monotheists After the Bombing of the Apostates in Tunisiaal-BarakahFrançais, arabeOui
8cHolding Wounds of Their Nation #9Salah al-DinArabe-
9aThis Is The Promise of God #2DijlahArabe-
9bArrival of the Monotheists in Bizayiz BahrazDiyalaArabe-
9cProtectors of Religion #2al-FuratArabe-
10Aspects From the Progress of the Battle in the Village of Shandukhahal-JazirahArabe-
11a(And if) You Punish (An Enemy, Oh Believers), Punish With An Equivalent Of That With Which You Were HarmedDimashqArabe-
11bThe Dabiq AppointmentNinawaArabe-
12aThe Good Magistrateal-KhayrArabe-
12bSnipers of the Monotheists for the Rejectionist Safavids #2Shamal BaghdadArabe-
13Progress of the Battle With the Nusayri ArmyHalabArabe-
16dUpon You Oh Tyrants of the Arabian Peninsulaal-BarqahArabe-
16aSay "Indeed, I am On Clear Evidence From My Lord..."Salah al-DinArabe-
16bPatience Bilad al-HaramaynNinawaArabe-
16cMessages to Bilad al-Haramaynal-JazirahArabe-
17dDrive Out the Polytheists From the Arabian Peninsulaal-AnbarArabe-
17eI Wish My People Could KnowHomsNANASource non-disponible
17aUpon You Oh Those Who CareHadramawtNANASource non-disponible
17bLand of the Prisoner Peninsulaal-RaqqahArabe-
17cAal al-Salul: No Loyalty (To the Muslims) and No Disavowal (Of the Unbelievers)al-JanubArabe-
18eAnd Verily, Tomorrow a Close Sightal-BarakahArabe-
18dMessage to Our People in Bilad al-HaramaynSaynaArabe-
18aOh Land of Revelation, Patienceal-FallujahNANASource non-disponible
18bThey Are The Enemy, So Beware Of Themal-FuratNANASource non-disponible
18cTo the Runway of RevelationHalabArabe-
19aHarvest of the Military Operations for the Month of November-December 2015SaynaArabe-
19bThe Malicious Seeds in the Imprisoned Bilad al-Haramaynal-KhayrArabe-
20Statistics of the Military Operations for the Month of November-December 2015al-JanubArabe-
21And Whoever Is An Ally To Them Among You - Then Indeed, He Is (One) Of Them #2HimsArabe-
21The Islamic Police in the City of SirtTarabulusArabe-
24Khurasan: Graveyard of the Apostates #1KhurasanArabe-
25Charge of the Righteous Upon the Infidel PeshmergaNinawaArabe-
30Determination of the Brave #2al-AnbarArabe-
31Progress of the Battle East of Hadithah Cityal-FuratArabe-

Novembre 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1aSlaughtering the Apostates of 'al-Raqqah is Being Slaughtered Silently' at the Hands of the Soldiers of the Caliphate in TurkeyNANANASource non-disponible
1bFrom the Sinai to Bayt al-MaqdisSaynaArabe-
1cAnd Whoever Is An Ally To Them Among You - Then Indeed, He Is (One) Of ThemHimsArabe-
2aHolding Wounds of Their Nation #8Salah al-DinNANASource non-disponible
2bEstablishment of the Limit Upon the ThievesGharb IfriqiyyahArabe, autre-
3aDowning of the Russian Plane: Revenge for Our People in Bilad al-ShamNinawaArabe, autre-
3bUnquestionably, The Help of God Is NearDijlahArabe-
3cRally Around Your StateKirkukArabe-
4aProgress of the Battle Upon on the Outskirts of the al-Khayr Airportal-KhayrArabe-
4bThe Truth is KnownNinawaArabe-
4cDefeat of the Infidels Upon the Barrage of al-ThartharNorth BaghdadArabe-
5Those Who Have Believed and Emigratedal-RaqqahAnglais, arabeOuiRecrutement
6aHealing of the Soul With Killing of the RussiansHalabArabe, autre-
6bDetermination of the Braveal-AnbarArabe-
7aThe Martyrs MessageBaghdadArabe-
7cAmputate Their Hands In Recompense For What They CommittedHimsArabe-
8Message to the Medical Professionalsal-BarqahArabe-
9aAspects of the Progress of the Battle in Sinjar Mountainal-JazirahArabe-
9bThe Raid of Opening GoodnessKhurasanArabe-
10aThen They Are DefeatedSaynaArabe-
10cFood Security: Aspects From the Work of the Agriculture Administration in the ProvinceHalabAnglais (4 secondes), arabe-
11aThe Noble YoungHalabNaNASource non-disponible
11bProgress of the Battle in Wilayat HamahHamahArabe-
11cKnights of Victory #5al-FallujahArabe-
12aSwords of the FriendHalabArabe-
12bProgress of the Battle in Eastern al-Ramadial-AnbarArabe-
15aRepulsing An Attack of the Apostate Afghan Army in the Area of Kot, NangarharKhurasanArabe, autre-
15bThe Raid of Abu Zayyad al-ZaydiShamal BaghdadArabe-
16aStatistics of the Military Operations for the Month of October-November 2015al-JanubArabe-
16aMessages to al-Qa'idah in Yemen: Oh al-Qa'idah of Yemen, To Where Are You Going?al-KhayrArabe-
16bJoy of the Muslims With the Raid of ParisKarkukArabe-
16cAnd Fight Against The Disbelievers CollectivelySalah al-DinNANASource non-disponible
17To the Soldiers of al-Qa'idah in YemenNinawaArabe-
18aEt que nos soldats auront le dessusal-FuratFrançais, arabeOui
18bProgress of the Battle in Makhul #1DijlahArabe-
18cSuivant de pire en pireHomsFrançais (nasheed), arabeOui
19Harvest of the Military Operations for the Month of October-November 2015SaynaArabe-
19a(Their) Assembly Will Be Defeated, And They Will Turn Their Backs (In Retreat)al-BarakahArabe-
19bParis Before RomeDijlahArabe
20aParis s'est effondréHalabFrançais, anglais, arabeOui
20bThis Is My Will: Abu Thabit al-AnsariBaghdadArabe-
20cAs They Kill, You Killal-JazirahArabe, autre-
21aLa France à genouxDayalaFrançais, arabeOui
21bFaites exploser la Franceal-BarakahFrançais, arabeOui
21cTurkez and the Fire of NationalismalHayatArabe, autre-
22aVoici venu le temps de la vengeanceDimashqFrançais, arabeOui
22bL'échec du bombardement françaisal-RaqqahFrançais, arabeOui
23aLet Them Find Harshness In YouSalah al-DinNANASource non-disponible
23bIf You Want To Save Your Life, You either Convert to Islam of Pay the JazyahAl-KhayrFrançais (nasheed), arabeOui
24aAnd No RespitealHayatAnglais, arabeOuiUne vidéo, 2 doublages (anglais et arabe)
24bThe Lone Wolfal-FuratArabe-
25aThe Safavid-Crusader Bombing Upon Muslim HomesNinawaArabe-
25bThe Raid of MihinDimashqArabe-
26Throwing of the AbabilNinawaArabe-
27Aspects of the Progress of the Battle in Wilayat Gharb IfriqiyyahWest IfriqiyyahArabe, autre-
28And Be Prepared #1: Graduation of a Batch From the Military Training Camp of the Caliphate in KhurasanKhurasanArabe-
29Rehabilitation of the Disabledal-JazirahArabe-

Octobre 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1aHear From Us Oh Mujahid in SomaliaNinawaArabe, autre-
1bMessage to the Mujahidin in the Land of SomaliaHimsArabe-
1cFrom Sinai to SomaliaSaynaArabe-
2aA Group of Committed Muslims and Their Imamal-FuratArabe-
2bMessage to our brothers in SomaliaHadramawtArabe-
2cJoin the Ranksal-RaqqahAnglais, arabe, autre-Le segment en anglais est difficile à comprendre (inaudible par moments).
3a(Fight) Until They Give the Jizyah Willingly While They Are HumbledDimashqArabe-
3bFrom the Land of al-Sham to the Mujahidin in Somaliaal-KhayrAnglais, arabeNon
5aHealing of the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy #3KhurasanArabe-
5bal-Kurar Military Camp #2DijlahAnglais (sous-titres), arabeOuiSegment en anglais : 9:30 - 9:55 (enfant soldat)
5cSinjar Graveyard of the Infidelsal-JazirahArabe-
7aPersistence, Not Backing Down #2Salah al-DinArabe, autre-
7bProgress of the Battle in al-Shindakhiyyat AreaHamahArabe-
7cProgress of the Battle in Barwanah Areaal-FuratArabe-
7dMessages From the Soldiers of the Caliphate in Wilayat Gharb IfriqiyyahGharb IfriqiyyahArabe-
7eFlight of the Popular Committees From the Blows of the MujahidinKirkukArabe-
9al-Ramadi: The Epic Battles of Jihadal-AnbarArabe-
10aSnipers of the Monotheists for the Rejectionist SafavidsShamal BaghdadArabe-
10bAbu 'Ubaydah Bin al-Jarah Military Training CampDimashqArabe-
10cRepelling an Attack of the Apostate Nigerian Army Upon the Area of BornoGharb IfriqiyyahArabe-
10dClans of Western Ninawa Renew Bay'ah and Disassociate Themselves From the ApostatesNinawaArabe-
11aThe Land of Epic BattlesDiyalaArabe-
11bThe Dark Rise of Banknotes and the Return of Gold DinaralHayatArabe-
12aDo They Seek With Them Honor (Through Power)?DijlahArabe-
12bPiety in the Times of CalamitySaynaArabe-
12cOh My People, Follow Me, I Will Guide You To the Way of Right Conduct #3al-JazirahArabe-
14aRenewal of Bay'ah From the Clans of the Northern Districtal-RaqqahArabe-
14bMessage from the Mujahidin in West Africa to the Mujahidin in SomaliaGharb IfriqiyyahArabe, autre-
16Statistics of the Military Operations for the Month of September-October 2015al-JanubArabe-
17Harvest of the Awakeningal-BarqahArabe-
18aReturn the Terror to the Jewsal-KhayrArabe-
18bMessage to the Defiant in the Third Holiest Placeal-FallujahArabe-
18cAnd (When) the (True) Promise Has Approachedal-JanubArabe-
18dUntil Religion, All of It, Is For Godal-BarqahArabe-
18eTerrorize the Jews Oh People of Bayt al-MaqdisKarkukArabe-
18fBut If You Return (To Sin), We Will Return (To Punishment) #2NinawaArabe-
19aButcher Them and Don't Show Them Mercyal-BarakahArabe-
19bMessage to Our People in Bayt al-MaqdisHalabArabe, autre-
19cMessage of Cajoling and Support For Our People in the Land of al-MasraHadamawtNANASource non-disponible
20aHorrify the Jews for the Proximity of the Vowsal-JazirahArabe, autre-
20bOh People of the Land of al-Masra (Walking Between the Two Holy Places (al-Haram and al-Aqsa))al-RaqqahArabe-
20cOh Jews, We Are Comingal-FuratNANASource non-disponible
21Where are the Insurgents in the Land of Palestine?HimsArabe-
22aBreaking of the Borders and Slaughtering the JewsDimashqArabe, autre-
22bProtection and Safety Officeal-RaqqahArabe-
23(Their) Assembly Will Be Defeated, And They Will Turn Their Backs (In Retreat)al-JazirahArabe, autre-
24aAnd If You Punish (An Enemy, Oh Believers), Punish With An Equivalent Of That With Which You Were HarmedHimsArabe-
24bMartyrdom Operation Upon the Headquarters of the Safavid Army and Its Militias in al-Kilu 18al-AnbarArabe-
25Oh Jews, We Are ComingKhurasanArabe-
27Aspects of the Battle West of the City of al-SamraSalah al-DinArabe-
28Merciful Among Themselves: 'The Public Relations Office'al-BarakahArabe-
29Harvest of the Spies #3al-FuratArabe-
30aReality of the American LandingKirkukArabe-
30bLegislation Is Not But For Godal-RaqqahArabe, autre-

Septembre 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentAutres remarques
1Harvest of the SoldiersSaynaArabe-
2aTo All the Sincere in the Land of PalestineDimashqArabe-
2bJoy of the Righteous With the Return of the Dinaral-RaqqahArabe-
2cRestarting the Work of the Automatic Oven in the Town of al-Nu'aymiyyahHamahArabe-
2dGlad Tidings of the Subjects With the Gold Currencyal-FuratArabe-
3Knights of Victory #3al-FallujahArabe-
4Persistence, Not Backing DownSalah al-DinArabe-
5aBut Who Is Better Than God In Judgement #2: Establishing the Limit Upon a SorcererHomsArabe-
5bNow, Now the Fighting ComesKarkukArabe-
6aIrritation of the Infidels With the Return of the DinarNinawaArabe-
6bProtectors of Religional-FuratArabe-
6cJoy of Aleppo With the Return of the Gold DinarHalabArabe-
6dSelling Themselves To Godal-FuratArabe-
6eDo Not Relent or Be OffenedKhurasanArabe-
6fJoy of the Muslims With the Return of the Gold Dinaral-KhayrArabe-
8aThe Demolition of the Pagan Temple in the City of al-QaraytaynDimashqArabe-
8bThe Developers of the LandNinawaArabe-
8cThey Destroyed Their Houses By Their (Own) Handsal-AnbarArabe-
10aJoy of the Garrison Towns With the Return of the Dinaral-FallujahArabe-
10bAnd Among Them Were Those Whom God GuidedDijlahArabe-
10cAgriculture in Wilayat al-Jazirahal-JazirahArabe-
10dAuthority of the Caliphate in Wilayat al-Jazirahal-JazirahArabe-
11aGlad Tidings With the Return of the Golden DinarShabwahArabe-
11bJoy of the Muslims With the Return of the Golden DinarDijlahArabe-
11cDemolition of the Thrones of the Infidels With the Return of the Dinaral-JanubArabe-
11dSo Kill Them, They Are Polytheistsal-JanubArabe-
12aHelp of the Military Camps #2al-FuratArabe-
12bThe Promised CalphateKhurasanArabe, autre-
13aJoy of the Muslims With the Return of the DinarKarkukArabe-
13bProgress of the Battle in the Fields of 'Alas and 'AjilKarkukArabe-
13cKnights of Victory #4al-FallujahArabe-
13dUpon the Lines of the Front LinesDimashqArabe-
13eControl and Inspection in Wilayat NinawaNinawaArabe-
13fProgress of the Battle in JazalHimsArabe-
13gCouncil of the Commanders of the Mujahidin in Wilayat al-Qawqazal-QawqazArabe, autre-
13hJoy of the Subjects With the Return of the Golden Coinsal-BarakahArabe-
14aBinghazi: Graveyard of the Clientsal-BarqahArabe-
14bBayji: The Castle of SteadfastnessSalah al-DinArabe-
14cExplosives of the Thronesal-AnbarArabe-
16aA Message To the Refugees of the Abode of InfidelityHadramawtArabe-
16bTo (Those That) Abandoned the (Refugee) Campsal-KhayrArabe-
16cWarning To the Refugees From the Deceptions of the Crusadersal-JanubArabe-
16dWould You Exchange What Is Better For What Is Less?al-DinNANASource non-disponible
16eDeterrence of the Monotheists For the ApostateSaynaArabe-
17aAdvice to the Refugees (Going) To the Countries of Disbeliefal-BarakahArabe-
17bAlert of the Unsuspecting From the Immigrants to the Abodes of the Unbelieversal-FallujahArabe-
17cMessages from the Muslims to the Displaced People (Going) to the Abodes of the Unbelieversal-FuratArabe-
17dMuslim Asylum Seekers to the Abode of the DisbelieversHimsArabe-
18aDear Refugees, Hear It From Usal-JazirahArabe-
18bTo Those Who Are Displacedal-RaqqahArabe-
18cStatistics of the Military Operations fo the Month of August-September 2015al-JanubArabe-
18dAnd (He) Will Replace You With Another PeopleHalabArabe-
19aRevenge of the Monotheists From the Treacherous GangsShamal BaghdadArabe-
19bAsylum of the Muslims to the Abode of Infidelity and Residing ThereDijlahArabe-
20Victory From God and An Imminent Conquest #2al-KhayrArabe-
21And Sit In Wait For Them At Every Place Of Ambushal-BarakahArabe-
22Storming the Outpost of the Imaginary Border With the Arabian Peninsulaal-AnbarArabe-
23aReceiving 'Id (al 'Adha) in the Land of TawhidKarkukArabe-
23bProgress of the Battle in Southeastern al-Fallujahal-FallujahArabe-
23cGreetings From the Mujahidinal-QawqazArabe, autre-
24One Body #4Salah al-DinArabe-
25aMessages From Those on the Front Lines Upon the Fortified Strongholds of the Calophate in Binghazial-BarqahArabe-
25bMessages From the Land of Islam to the Fighters in the Land of al-ShamHalabArabe-
26aId (al 'Adha) Under the Shade of the CaliphateKirkukArabe-
26bThe 'Id (al 'Adha) Atmosphere in Wilayat al-Furatal-FuratArabe-
27aFlames of the Car BombsBaghdadArabe-
27bCharge Upon the Safavid Army Outpost Along the Imaginary Border With Jordanal-AnbarArabe-
27c'Id al 'Adha in Wilayat Salah al-DinSalah al-DinArabe-
28aJoy of the Muslims With 'Id al 'AdhaDijlahArabe-
28a'Id (al 'Adha) Atmosphere in Wilayat Gharb IfriqiyyahGharb IfriqiyyahArabe-
28c'Id (al 'Adha) of the MujahidHalabArabe-
29aMessage From the Mujahidinal-QawqazArabe, autre-
29bSupport the CaptivesTarabulusArabe-
30aClient of the Enemy #2al-BarakahArabe-
30bEt je me suis hâté vers toi Seigneur, afin que tu sois satisfaital-FuratFrançais, arabeOui
30cMessage from the Land of the Front Lines for Those Sitting on JihadHamahArabe-
30dGraduation of New Class from the Abu 'Umar al-Baghdadi Training CampKarkukArabe-
30eThose Who Reject Injustices'Adan-AbyanArabe-

Août 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1aCrusader Bombing of the Albu Kamal City Bridgeal-FuratArabe-
1bKnights of Victory #2al-FallujahArabe-
2Marriage Contracts OfficeNinawaArabe-
3aDeterring the Offendersal-JazirahArabe-
3bKnights of AfricaGharb IfriqiyyahArabe-
4aOne Body: Messages of Installing Our Brothers in Wilayat al-Anbar and Wilayat al-FallujahSalah al-DinArabe-
4bThe Men of WarHamahArabe-
4cExcept Verily, The Firing Forces #3al-JanubArabe-
5aMessage to the Egyptian GovernmentSaynaAnglaisNonÉchange d'otages (Égypte)
5bTourism of the NationHimsNANASource non-disponible
6Oh Land of Revelation, PatienceHimsArabe-
8Receiving Muslims Displaced From the Areas of the Regimal-KhayrArabe-
8Words From the Heart To Our Brothers in the Caucasusal-RaqqahArabe-
9Killing the Apostates in Revenge For the Monotheists #2KhurasanArabe-
10aCollective Bay'ah For the Clans of Umm Qura (al-Sukhnah)HomsArabe, autre-
10bOne Body #2: Congratulations To Our Brothers In AlgeriaSalah al-DinArabe-
10cProgress of the Battle in Rural Southern 'Ayn al-IslamHalabArabe-
11aOuting of the Descendants of Salah al-DinNinawaArabe-
11bThe Day of RewardsNinawaAllemand, arabe-
12Except Verily, The Firing Force #4al-JanubArabe-
13aOh My People, Follow Me, I Will Guide You To the Way of Right Conduct #2al-JazirahArabe-
13bRemoving the Moses Tree (Polytheistic Shrine)al-KhayrArabe-
13cBut Who Is Better Than God In Judgment: Establishing a Limit Upon the People of LutHomsArabe, autre-
13dImplementation of the Rule of God Upon the Corrupters in the Landal-FuratArabe-
15aAnd Verily, Lying Leads to Immoralityal-KhayrArabe-
15bAdministration of the Bakery and Ovens in Wilayatal-RaqqahArabe-
15cThey Are the Enemy, So Beware of Them #2al-RaqqahArabe-
17Message to Turkeyal-RaqqahArabe, autre-
18Statistics of the Military Operations for the Month of July-August 2015al-JanubArabe-
19Those Bearing the Wounds of Their Nation #7Salah al-DinArabe-
20aHonnoring the Winners of the Ramadan Competitional-KhayrArabe-
20bFallujah: Graveyard of the Invadersal-FallujahArabe-
21aOne Body #3Salah al-DinArabe-
21bMessage to the Helpful of Khurasanal-FuratArabe, autre-
21cTestimonies of the Survivors of the Sarin MassacreHalabArabe-
22Clans of the Ninawa Plains Renew Their Bay'ahNinawaArabe-
23aAnd Amend That Which Is Between Youal-KhayrArabe-
23bZakah ExpendituresDijlahArabe-
24aThe Raid of Abu Hasan al-Khatha'mi: The Liberation of al-QaraytynDimashqArabe-
24bRetribution of the Impure SpiesTarabulusArabe-
24cAspect of the Battle in the Samra' Peninsula and North TikritSalah al-DinArabe-
24dA Year Upon the Bombings of the Crusader AllianceNinawaArabe-
27A Year Upon the BombingsHalabArabe-
29The Rise of the Caliphate and the Return of the Gold Dinaral-HayatAnglais, arabe, autre-Source non-disponible
30aThe Traffic Police in Wilayat NinawaNinawaArabe-
30bAbu 'Isa Training Campal-JazirahArabe-
31Punish With An Equivalent Of That With Which You Were Harmedal-AnbarArabe-

Source de l’image de couverture : CNN


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