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Liste des vidéos de l’État islamique (31 juillet 2015 au 1er août 2014)


Liste des vidéos de l’État islamique (partie 2/2)

Voici la liste des vidéos de l’État islamique diffusées entre le 1er août 2014 et le 31 juillet 2015. Noter que certaines vidéos n’étaient plus disponibles au moment de la collecte de données puisque leurs sources avaient été supprimées. Ces vidéos seront recherchées à nouveau à la fin du processus d’entrée de données pour vérifier si de nouvelles sources seront disponibles.

Pour consulter la première partie, cliquez ici.

Juillet 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
2Reaping of the ClientsDimashqArabe-
4aHealing the Chests of the Believing PeopleHimsArabe-
4bCourse of the Sons of the Caliphate for the Sciences of Shari'ahal-FallujahArabe-
4cCongratulations of the Monotheists With the Bay'ah of the Caucasusal-JanubArabe-
5aThey Are the Enemy, So Beware of Themal-RaqqahArabe-
5bThat You May Become RighteousNinawaArabe-
6aWork of The Services Department in Sarin AreaHalabArabe-
6bThe Ramadan Atmosphere in Wilayat al-Khayral-KhayrArabe-
7aThe Raid of 'Then Evil Is the Morning of Those Who Were Warned'HamahArabe-
7bProgress of the Battle Within the Raid of Abu Sahl al-Urdunial-BarakahArabe-
7cCome, My FriendalHayatAnglais, autreOuiRecrutement, nasheed
9aThe Triumphant Victory in the Conquest of Tal'afaral-JazirahArabe-
9bProgress of the Battles With the Apostate Peshmerga and the Infidel CommitteesDijlahArabe-
9cFirm Sword For Cutting the Throats of the Infidelsal-FallujahArabeNASource non-disponible
10aProgress of the Battle Upon the Walls of Hadithahal-FuratArabe-
10bAspects of the Battle in Rural Southern 'Ayn al-IslamHalabArabe-
10cArrivals of the Soldiers of the Caliphate in West Africa #2Gharb IfriqiyyahArabe-
11dL'étincelle de l'Euphrateal-FuratFrançais, arabeOui
11aAnd Kill Them Wherever You Overtake ThemSalah al-DinArabeNASource non-disponible
11bPatience Awakening of Darnah: But We Have Come For Your slaughteral-BarqahArabe-
11cWith Their Blood They Are Advisedal-AnbarArabe-
12aThe Crusader Alliance Bombing of the Bridges in Wilayat al-Raqqahal-RaqqahArabe-
12bHolding Wounds of Their Nation #5Salah al-DinArabe-
12cThe Raid To Liberate Two Checkpoints Upon the Road of The T4 AirportHimsArabe-
13aHealing of the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy #2KhurasanArabe-
13bPleasure of the Believers With the Bayah of the Caucasus MujahidinNinawaArabe-
14dMessage to the People of Algeriaal-RaqqahArabe-
14aI Swear By God For Our Revenge #2al-KhayrArabe-
14bMessage to the Sunni People in Bilad al-HaramaynHalabArabe-
14cUntil Religions Is All For God #2DimashqArabe-
15dBreaking the Fast ProjectHomsArabe-
15aRamadan Competitionsal-KhayrArabe-
15bHolding Wounds of Their Nation #6Salah al-DinArabe-
15cBreaking the Chains' for the liberation of the prison of the SincereDiyalaArabe-
16dMessage from Bayji to the Lions of the Caliphate in the Caucasus provincesCaucasusAutre, arabe-
16eMartyrdom operation in al-Nukhaybal-AnbarArabe-
16fDa'wah Forum in al-Raqqah cityal-RaqqahArabe-
16aInvitation to the way of your LordHalabArabe-
16bA prisoner and the liquidation of a captain in the Nusayri armyHimsArabe-
16cDeterring the aggressors in Zawba' of the monotheistsal-JanubArabe-
17aShoot to redeem yourselfNinawaArabe-
17bBombing of the Safavid-Crusader alliance upon the center of Wilayat al-Fallujahal-FallujahArabe-
20aId in the fortified strongholdsHomsArabe-
20bJoy of 'Id in the Land of Monotheismal-FallujahArabe-
21aDay of the AwardsNinawaArabe-
21bThe 'Id atmosphere in the city of Tal'afaral-JazirahArabe-
22aCubs of the CaliphateDijlahArabe-
22b'Id prayers and a sermon from Wilayat Gharb IfriqiyyahGharb IfriqiyyahArabe-
22cAnd we did not wrong them (thereby), but they were wronging themselvesHimsFrançais, arabeOuiSource non-disponible
23aStatistics of the Military Operations for the Month of June-July 2015al-JanubArabe-
23bJoy of 'Id in the State of Monotheismal-KhayrArabe-
25aThe Joy of 'IdDijlahArabe-
25bMessage to our people in Kyrhyzstanal-FuratArabe, autre-
25cAbu al-Hawra: good manners and shynessBaghdadArabe-
26aAnd exhort one another with the truth #4al-FallujahArabe-
26bThis is our 'IdHalabArabe-
26cDeterring of the spies #2DijlahArabe-
27aMessage to the TurkistanisHalabArabe-
27bRepentants and Returning To Godal-FuratArabe-
28The retribution of lifeNinawaArabe-
29Liquidation of a group from the Apostate Rejectionist CommitteesDijlahArabe-
30aGraduation of a new class of snipersSalah al-DinArabe-
30bMessages from Surt (Sirte)TarabulusArabe-

Juin 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1aAnd Prepare Against Them #2al-FuratArabe-
1bRaid of Shaykh Abu Malik al-TamimiHomsArabe-
1cRaid of Revenge for the SahabahDiyalaArabe-
1dMen of the Hisbah #3al-RaqqahArabe-
2Arrivals of the Soldiers of the Caliphate in West AfricaGharb IfriqiyyahArabe-
3aThe Raid of Abu Nasar al-JazrawiHalabArabe-
3bGo Forth, Whether Light or HeavyHalabAnglais (sous-titres), arabeOui
3cRetaliation for the Vulnerable People and Deterring Against the SafavidsBaghdadArabe-
4aEstablishment of the Hadd Penalty for Banditry Upon a Man That Killed His Auntal-BarakahArabe-
4bHonor is in Jihad: A Message to the People of the Balkansal-HayatAnglais, autreNonS'adresse aux Balkans.
4cJudgment of the Creator to Fight Against the Crime of RobberyNinawaArabe-
5Important Message to the People of Dar'a and al-Qunaytrah in GeneralDimashqArabe, autre-
7aMartyrdom Upon the Awakening of Apostasy in the City of al-SawranHalabArabe-
7bRenewal of the Bay'ah From Clans of al-Iraq and al-Sham to the Caliphate Stateal-FuratArabe-
7cClans of al-Fallujah: A Thorn in the Eyes of the Enemiesal-FallujahArabe-
8aReturn of the Residents to the Village of Albu Hamamal-KhayrArabe-
8bWar of the MindsSina (Sinai)Arabe-
8cAbd Allah bin 'Umar Institute in Wilayat al-Jazirahal-JazirahArabe-
9Support the CaliphateNinawaArabe-
10The Defiant Glorious CastleSalah al-DinArabe-
11aTraining Camp of Shaykh Nizar al 'AsafiKarkukArabe-
11bRaid of Abu Ibrahim al-MisratiTarabulusArabe-
11cProgress of the Battle in the Rural North of Wilayat HalabHalabArabe-
11dA Year Upon ConquestNinawaArabe-
12aMedical Care in Wilayat al-Khayral-KhayrArabe-
12bHealing of the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy #1KhurasanArabe-
13aOh My People, Follow Me, I Will Guide You To the Way of Right ConductNAArabe-
13bDa'wah Tour of the Front Line Pointsal-BarakahArabe-
14aThe Effects of the Airplane Bombing By the Nusayri-Crusader Alliance Upon the al-Raqqahal-RaqqahArabe-
14bRepentance's #4HalabArabe-
14cArrivals of the Righteous Upon the Walls of the AirportHalabArabe-
14dShells of the MonotheistsDijlahArabe-
15aExcept Verily, The Firing Force #2al-JanubArabe-
15bCubs of the Khalifahal-RaqqahAnglais, arabeOui
16aBut Whoever Pardons and Makes Reconciliation - His reward Is (Due) From GodHimsArabe-
16bWhispers Before the Month of Conquestsal-RaqqahArabe-
16cThe Nectar of LifeSaynaArabe-
16dAnd For You a Punishment of Life, Oh Men of Understandingal-JazirahArabe-
16eDeterring of the Spies #1DijlahArabe-
17aAnd They Gave ZakahNAAnglais (sous-titres), arabe, autreNon
17bUntil Religion Is All For God #1DimashqArabe-
18aGlad Tidings of the Mujahidin on the Anniversary of the Caliphate AnnouncementSayna (Sinai)Arabe-
18bKilling the Apostates In Revenge For the Monotheists #1KhurasanArabe-
20aThe Effects of the Safavid-Crusader Bombing Upon the Muslims in the Town of al-SharqatDijlahArabe-
20bProgress of the Battle Against the Army of the Nusayris #3HimsArabe-
20cBombing of the Safavid-Crusader Alliance Upon al-Hawijah MarketKirkukArabe-
20dCharge of the Righteous Upon the Apostates in Mount Sinjaral-JazirahArabe-
21aGood Nights #1al-KhayrArabe-
21bA Year of the CaliphateSana'aArabe-
22aRepelling a Failed Storming By the Awakening of Apostasy Close to Umm HushHalabArabe-
22bStatistics of the Military Operations for the Month of May-June 2015al-JanubArabe-
23aal-Hisbah: Enjoining Good and Forbidding WrongDijlahArabe-
23bBut If You Return (To Sin), We Will Return (To Punishment)NinawaArabe-
23cAspects of the Progress of the Battle in Wilayat Gharb IfriqiyyahGharb IfriqiyyahArabe-
24aGood Nights #2al-KhayrArabe-
25aOpening of a New Slaughterhouse in the Provinceal-KhayrArabe-
25bRepent Before We Apprehend YouDimashqArabe-
26Martyrdom Operation Upon Kurdish Partiesal-RaqqahArabe-
27Joy of the Mujahidin With the Bay'ah From the Caucasusal-JazirahArabe-
28aLiquidation of the JudgesSaynaArabe-
28bLife of the Front Lines in the Month of JihadNinawaArabe-
29aShaykh Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi Training CampKarkukArabe-
29bStorming the Barracks of the Apostates Close To Lamludah Areaal-BarqahArabe-
30aAnd That He Will Surely Substitute For Them, After Their Fear, Securityal-KhayrArabe-
30bEstablishing the Limit of Banditry Upon the Corrupters in the LandHimsArabe-
30cA Message To Our People in JerusalemHalabArabe-
30dHarvest of the Spies #2al-FuratArabe-
24bThe Path of JihadalHayatAnglais, arabeNon

Mai 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
2aHarvest of th Spiesal-FuratArabeNASource non-disponible
2bKnights of al-JazirahNAArabe-
3aThe Bombing of the Crusaders on MuslimsHalabAnglais (sous-titres), arabeNon
3bMessages From the Land of al-Sham to Yemen the Faithfulal-RaqqahArabe-
3cGathering of the Monotheists With the Muslim ClansDijlahArabe-
4dStorming Brigade 26 Headquarters of the Safavid ArmyShamal BaghdadArabe-
4aA Declaration of Innocence and Cutting of Family LinkDijlahArabe-
4bRaid of Liberating of al-Yarmuk Refugee CampDimashqArabe-
4cCharge of the Monotheists Upon the Dens of the Safavidsal-JanubArabe-
6aLiberation of Umm al-Tababir CheckpointHomsArabe-
6bYemeni Congratulations For the Bay'ah of Our Brothers in West AfricaShabwahArabe-
7Binghazi: The Meaning of Stabilityal-BarqahArabe-
9Amputation of the Corruption With the Judgment of the Lord of Mankind #2NinawaArabe-
10Give Me a Piece of Iron #3BaghdadArabe-
11aVictory from Allah and an Imminent Conquestal-KhayrArabe-
11bShari'ah Institute in al-Ba'aj Districtal-JazirahArabe-
12aCharge of the Supporters #2Sina' (Sinai)Arabe-
12bPiety In Times of Calamity in the City of al-Mawsil (Mosul)NinawaArabe-
13aWindows From the Land of YemenSana'aArabe-
13bThen They Are Your Brothers In Religional-KhayrArabe-
14Shaykh Abu 'Umar al-Baghdadi Military Training CampKirkukArabe-
15aLion of the Battlefield #3al-BarakahArabe-
15bHawijah Sikr: Conquered Thanks To Godal-KhayrArabe-
15cFrom Prisoner to SacrificeDiyalaArabe-
16aMending Fences (Between Clans)al-JazirahArabe-
16bThe Words of Faysal in the Prisons of The Islamic StateDijlahArabe-
16cKilling a Spy of the Awakening of ApostasyDimashqArabe-
17aMilitary Camp of the People of DeterminationDimashqArabe-
17bAspects of the Battle on the Outskirts of Samarra' CitySalah al-DinArabe-
18dThe Most Effective Explosions in Shamal BaghdadNAArabe-
18eThe Raid of Abu Turab al-Ansari, Part #2al-AnbarArabe-
18fBay'as of the Defiant From the Land of Monologues of SufferingSina' (Sinai)Arabe-
18aFirst Graduation Class From Anas bin Malik Shari'ah InstituteDijlahArabe-
18bMotivational Messages From Yemen of Faith and WisdomSana'aArabe-
18cGlad Tidings of the Supporters With the Conquests of the Raptors of al-AnbarNinawaArabe-
18gTends ta main pour l'allégeanceal-Hayat Media CenterFrançais, anglais, arabeOuiAppelle au djihad, nasheed
19dThe Beginning and Ending of the Camp in Darnah Cityal-BarqahArabe-
19eWater: The Source of Lifeal-RaqqahArabe-
19aJoy of the Muslims With the Victories of the Monotheists in Wilayat al-Anbaral-JazirahArabe-
19bClient of the Enemyal-BarakahArabe-
19cGraduation Class From al-Zarqawi Military Campal-RaqqahArabe-
20Joy of the Monotheists With the Victories of Their Brothers in Wilayat al-AnbarDijlahArabe-
21aMessage to the Muslims in Somaliaal-FuratArabe-
21bJoy of the Mujahidin With the Raptors of al-Anbar and Bay'ah of the supportersShabwahArabe-
22Battle of Liberation of al-SukhnahHomsArabe-
23aJoy of the Supporters With the conquests of al-anbaral-JanubArabe-
23bal-Ramadi: Graveyard of the Enemiesal-AnbarArabe-
24The Raid of al-Ma'amir/Zawba'al-JanubArabe-
25Effects of the Safavid-Crusader Bombing Upon al-Mishraq General Company for SulfurDijlahArabe-
26aLiberation Raid of al-Muqabalah Hill Near al-Ta'anahHalabArabe-
26bJoy of the Mujahidin With the substantive Conquestsal-RaqqahArabe-
27aMedia Man, You Are a Mujahid TooSalah al-DinArabe-
27bAnd Kill Them Wherever You Find ThemKirkukArabe-
27cCrusaders Bombing of the Innocent Muslims in the Aden NeighbourhoodNinawaArabe-
28Stoning of Apostates With Mortar of the MonotheistsNinawaArabe-
29aMessages From the Lions of the PeninsulaShabwahArabe-
29bStatistics of the Military Operations for the Month of April-May 2015al-JanubArabe-
30aAnd Sit in Wait For Them at Every Place of AmbushHamahArabe-
30bMessage to Our Brothers in AlgeriaDimashqArabe-
30cRaid of Abu 'Amar al-Fahdawial-FallujahArabe-
31aAnd Prepare Against Them whatever You Are Able of Poweral-JazirahArabe-
31bStorming the Fourth Regiment of the Safavid Army in al-Niba'iShamal BaghdadArabe-
31cThe Day the Believers Will Rejoice #1KhurasanArabe-

Avril 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1aWords Upon the Lines of Fireal-BarakahArabe-
1bIncinerator of the Safavids in Wilayat Salah al-Din #2Salah al-DinArabe-
2aMessage to Nusayris SoldiersHomsArabe-
2bThe Office of Monitoring and Investigational-RaqqahNANASource non-disponible
2cThe Crusader Safavid Coalition Bombing the Tal'afar Hospitalal-JazirahArbe-
3aMessage to the Laggards #1al-FuratArabe-
3bIncinerator of the Safavids in Wilayat Salah al-Din #3Salah al-DinArabe-
4dSmashing of the IdolsDiglahArabe-
4aStorming a Border Station in al-Tanfal-AnbarArabe-
4bI Swear By God For Our Revengeal-KhayrArabe-
4cStatistics of the Military Operations for the Month of February-March 2015al-JanubArabe-
5aRepelling of the Safavids in Salah al-DinSalah al-DinArabe-
5bEpic Battles of the Caliphate in Binghazi: Martyrdom Operation Targeting a Group of Apostates in Binghazial-BarqahArabe-
5cStorming the Barracks of the Peshmerga in the Area of Shandukhahal-JazirahArabe-
6Amputation of the Corruption with the Judgment of the Lord of Mankind #1NinawaArabe-
7aMessage to Our Brothers in TunisiaTarabulusArabe-
7bBay'ah of the Clan Albu Batush to the Caliph of the MuslimsHalabArabe-
8Incinerator of the Safavids in Wilayat Salah al-Din #4Salah al-DinArabe-
9aBreak of MujahidHalabNANASource non-disponible
9bEstablishing of a Hadd of God Upon Wine Drinkersal-JazirahArabe, autre-
9cLiquidation of a Criminal SafavidShamal BaghdadArabe-
10dIncinerator of the Safavids in Wilayat Salah al-Din #5Salah al-DinArabe-
10aA MessageSina' (Sinai)Arabe-
10bBombing Homes of the ApostatesKirkukArabe-
10cEffects of the Bombing of the Nusayri-Crusader Alliance Upon the City of al-RaqqahNAArabe-
11dRaiding the Barracks of the Peshmerga #2KirkukArabe-
11aPledge to the Deathal-RaqqahAnglais, arabeNonLe segment en anglais (introduction) est un montage de vidéos provenant de médias occidentaux. Celles-ci ne représentent pas une menace en tant que telle.
11bThe Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice #3NinawaArabe-
11cBurning Trees Carrying Narcotic Substancesal-JanubArabe-
12Response of the Muslims to the Threats of the ApostatesNinawaArabe-
13dStorming a Military Base of the Safavid ArmyShamal BaghdadArabe-
13aHarvest of the Awakening (The Sahawate Harvest)HalabArabe, autre-
13bZakat: Right of the Money and Duty of the Imamal-KhayrArabe-
13cBulletin Radio (Idha'ah al-Bayyan) From Wilayat NinawaNinawaArabe-
14aMessage to the People in YemenHomsArabe-
14bFor the Sake of Godal-Hayat Media CenterAnglais, français, allemand, autreNASource non-disponible
16dBombing By the Nusayri-Crusader Alliance Upon al-Shaddadi Public Hospitalal-BarakahArabe-
16aA Defiant Attack Upon the Apostates In the RefinerySalah al-DinArabe-
16bLion of the Battlefield #2al-BarakahArabe-
16cFrom the Darkness to the Lightal-KhayrArabe-
17aMessage from the Fortified Strongholds #4KirkukArabe-
17bMartyrdom Operation Upon the Safavid Army BarracksKirkukArabe-
17cHelp of the Military Campsal-FuratArabe-
18aServers of the Subjects #1NinawaArabe-
18bDefiant Response Upon (Those That Helped In the) Bombings of the Tyrant #2NinawaArabe-
18cOh Commander of the Faithful: Leave Space Between Us and Themal-KhayrArabe-
19aLiquidation of a Spy of the Nusayri Regime and a Spy for the PkkHalabArabe-
19bUntil There Came To Them Clear EvidenceNAFrançais (sous-titres), anglais (sous-titres), arabe, autreNASource non-disponible
20Here Is My Warning, So You Have No Excuseal-KhayrArabe-
21The Story of Abu Khaled al-Bambodi From Australia (Stories From the Land of the Living)al-Hayat Media CenterAnglais, arabeOuiAppel au jihad
22Kurdistan's Tyrants Kill Their SoldiersNinawaArabe, autre-
23aExcept Verily, The Firing Force #1al-JanubArabe-
23bGive Me a Piece of Iron #2BaghdadArabe-
24dal-Kurar Military Camp #1DijlahArabe-
24aRaid of Albu 'Iyyadahal-AnbarArabe-
24bMedical Services in the Shadow of the CaliphateHalabArabe-
24cHealth Services in the Islamic Stateal-RaqqahAnglais, arabeNon
25Statistics of the Military Operations for the Month of March-April 2015al-JanubArabe-
27Messages From a Soldier of the Caliphate #1TarabulusArabe-
28aThe Raid of Abu Turab al-Ansari: Cleansing the Area of the Sufisal-AnbarArabe-
28bTargeting the Apostate Pakistani Military With Mortar Fire in the Area of KhybirKhurasanArabe-
29aA Defiant Attack Upon the Apostates In the Refinery #2Salah al-DinArabe-
29bThe Martyr Abu Qatadah al-Jablawi Repelling An Attack Upon the Village of al-BayshirKirkukArabe-
30aPreparation of the Terrorists for the Enemies of the ReligionNinawaArabe-
30bLiquidation of the ApostatesShabwah Arabe-
30cCubs of the Caliphate Brought Up In Their Environsal-KhayrArabe-

Mars 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1Considerable Warning to Anyone #2HalabArabe-
2aTrapping and Bombing Towers of the Safavid Army in al-Samarra'Shamal BaghdadArabe-
2bMartyrdom Operation Upon the 'Swat' Militia of the Safavids in the Neighbourhood al-Andalus of al-Ramadial-AnbarArabe-
2cMessage to the Rejectionist Hadri al 'AmiriSalah al-DinArabe-
2dEpic Battles of the Caliphate in Binghazi: Martyrdom Operation Upon a Gathering of the Soldiers of the Tyrantal-BarqahArabe-
3aPart of the Raid of Tal Tammiral-RaqqahArabe-
3bMartyrdom Operation Upon the PKK Apostates in the Village of al-Na'imal-BarakahArabe-
4aThe Confirmed News of the Defiance of the MujahidinSalah al-DinArabe-
4bWords Narrated In Blood #3al-KhayrArabe-
5aEducation in the Shadow of the Caliphateal-RaqqahArabe-
5bEpic Battles of the Caliphate in Binghazi: Message to the Soldiers of the Tyrant #2al-BarqahArabe-
6Knights of Paradise #1Shamal BaghdadArabe-
7aRécits de la terre de la viealHayatFrançais, arabes (sous-titres)Oui
7bStatistics of the Military Operations for the Month of January-February 2015al-JanubArabe-
8aProgress of the Battle Against the Army of the NusayrisHomsArabe-
8bMessage to the Knights of the Mediaal-RaqqahArabe-
8cLion of the Battlefieldal-BarakahArabe-
8dThe 'A'ishah Hospital Massacre Committed By the Nusayri-Crusader Allianceal-FuratArabe-
8eEffects of the Safavid-Crusader Bombing Upon the Village of al-HajDijlahArabe-
8fMessage From Those Who Excuse To Those That Do Not ExcuseNinawaAnglais (sous-titres), arabeOui
8gAspects From the Battle About 'Ayn al-Islamal-RaqqahArabe-
9Raiding the Barracks of the Bordering PeshmergaKirkukArabe-
10aAnd Wretched Is That Which They PurchasedNAAnglais (sous-titres), arabeNon
10bCrimes of the Planes of the Nusayro Crusader Alliance Against Ordinary MuslimsHomsArabe-
10cTouring an Administrative District in the Shadow of the Islamic StateNinawaArabe-
10dMessage to the Brothers of Tawhid in Khurasanal-RaqqahArabe-
11aSlaughtering of One Individual of the Awakening of Apostasy 'Ra'd 'Ali Jasim'al-JanubArabe
11bGlad Tidings of the Residents With the Bay'ah of the Nigerian MujahidinNinawaArabe-
11cJoy of the Monotheists With the Bay'ah of the Nigerian MujahidinDijlahArabe-
11dJoy of the Muslims in Wilayat al-Raqqah With the Bay'ah of the Mujahidin in NigeriaNAArabe-
12aNew Market in al-Mayyadinal-KhayrArabe-
12bI Swear By God For Our Revengeal-FuratArabe-
12cMartyrdom Operation in the Area of al-Hawz/al-Ramadial-AnbarArabe-
13aMessages from the Land of SinaiNAArabe-
13bMarching of the Defiant: Aspects From the Raid to Liberate the Surrounding Villages of Tel Tammaral-BarakahArabe-
14Reconciliation Between Two Sides of the al-'Akidat Clanal-KhayrArabe-
15aAdvice to the Soldiers of the Caliphate in Nigeriaal-RaqqahArabe-
15bFall of the Plane of the Apostate Peshmergaal-JazirahArabe-
15cEffects of the Safavid-Crusader Bombing Upon the MuslimsDijlahArabe-
15dThe Intractable ArmyNinawaArabe-
16aThe Allegiances Are Coming and the Joys to the Brothers in Nigeriaal-FuratArabe-
16bRemoving Tombs of Polytheism in Wilayat TarabulusTarabulusArabe-
16cPleasure of the Muslims With the Bay'ah of Their Brothers in Nigeriaal-BarakahArabe-
16dBreak Into the Top Secret Federal Police Near Samarra'Salah al-DinArabe-
17aDeparture of Shaykh Khadim and Revenge is ComingKhurasanArabe-
17bTargeting a Hummer of the PKK Apostates With a Concourse Missileal-BarakahArabe-
18aHere is the Prideal-FallujahArabe-
18bTargeting Points of the Nusayri RegimeHalabArabe-
18cStances of the clans in Wilayat Kirkuk With the Caliphate StateKirkukArabe-
19aMessages to the Soldiers of the Caliphate in Libyaal-RaqqahArabe-
19bDefiant Response Upon (Those That Helped In the) Bombings of the TyrantNinawaArabe-
19cShari'ah Institute in Wilayat KirkukKirkukArabe-
19dJoy of the Muslims With the Bay'ah of Jama'at Ahl al-Sunnah li-l-Da'wah wa-I-Jihadal-JazirahAnglais (sous-titres), arabeNASource non-disponible
20Joy of the Monotheists With the Bay'ah of the Mujahidin in West AfricaHalabArabe-
21Message From the Soldiers of Islam to Those On the Front Lines of the Fortified Strongholds of the MediaNinawaArabe-
22Establishing the Had of TheftDijlahArabe-
23aA Christian From the Darkness to the Light of Islamal-BarakahArabe-
23bMessage to Our People in KurdistanalHayatAnglais, arabeNonKurdistan
24Liquidation of a Safavid Criminal After Recording His ConfessionDiyalaArabe-
25aAspects From the Battle in Rural 'Ayn al-IslamHalabArabe-
25bJoy of the Monotheists With the Bay'ah of the People of Africa to the Caliph of the Muslimsal-JanubArabe-
26Compensation of a Person of the Region in the Courts of the Islamic StateNinawaArabe-
27Martyrdom Operation Upon a Group of Soldiers of the Tyrant in al-Laythial-BarqahArabe-
28Strike Their NecksHamahArabe-
29Progress of the Battle Against the Army of the Nusayris #2HomsArabe-
30Holding Wounds of Their Nation #3Salah al-DinArabe-
31aClans of Ninawa Renew Their Bay'ahNinawaArabe-
31bIncinerator of the Safavids in Wilayat Salah al-DinSalah al-DinArabe-
31cJoy of the Mujahidin of the Caliphate State With the Bay'ah of Their Brothers in Wilayat Gharb IfriqiyyahHomsArabe

Février 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1Liquidation of a Subsidiary Cell of the Awakeningal-RaqqahArabe-
2aRaid of the Striker #1NinawaArabe-
2bSniping One of the Apostates of the Peshmerga in DaquqKirkukArabe-
3aFaites exploser la Franceal-BarakahFrançaisOuiFrance. Titre alternatif : "To You, My People, A Message #3"
3bHealing of the Believers' ChestNAAnglais, français, autreNASource non-disponible
4aRepentance's #2: Offering Testimony About Their Former FactionsHalabArabe-
4bBut If You Return (To War), We Will ReturnDiyalaArabe-
4cThe Joy of the Muslims With the Burningal-RaqqahArabe-
5aServices Authority: Repairing and Opening a Road in the Village of al-'Abbasiyyahal-KhayrArabe-
5bRemoving Manifestations of PolytheismNinawaArabe-
5cAu(x) Lions Solitaire(s)al-KhayrFrançais, arabeOuiGlorifie les attaques (du 7-9 janviers + 3 février), appelle au djihad en Occident.
5dMessages From Those on the Front Lines #3al-FallujahArabe-
5eAmnesty and CompensationHomsArabe-
6aReopening Schools With the New Curriculumal-KhayrArabe-
6bMonthly Statistical Operations (The Month of December-January)al-JanubArabe-
7aEstablishment of the Limit Upon the Corrupt In the LandHalabArabe-
7bHarvest of the Apostatesal-RaqqahArabe-
7cJoy of the Muslims With the Retribution From the Jordanian PilotNinawaArabe-
8aResponding to the Agression of the Soldiers of TyrannyHomsArabe-
8bBelievers' Chest HealedHalabArabe-
8cSoldiers of the Nusayris in the Hands of the Islamic State #3al-KhayrArabe-
9aLiquidating One of the Apostates Who Betrayed the MujahidinDimashqArabe-
9bPursuing Remnants of the Apostates in the Neighbourhoods of al-Ramadial-AnbarArabe-
9cFrom Inside HalabalHayatAnglais, arabe, anglaisOuiAppelle au djihad. Tente de déconstruire les "mythes" que les Américains racontent pour justifier leurs frappes.
9dDocumenting the Crimes of the Alliance of the Jews and Army of Apostasy Against Our People in the Sinai #4Sina' (Sinai)Arabe-
9eAspects of Refurbishing the Streets and Paving of the RoadNinawaArabe-
10aLiquidation of a Cell From the Popular MobilizationNinawaArabe-
10bGod Commanded Me To Be With ThemDiyalaArabe-
11aJoy of the Knights With the Bay'ah of Wilayat KhurasanSalah al-DinArabe-
11bExtermination of a Convoy for the Army and Safavid Militias in al-Dibitiyyah AreaShamal BaghdadArabe-
11cThe Bombing of the Crusader-Rejectionist Alliance Upon the Muslims in al-HawijahKirkukArabe-
12Imam al-Bukhari Institute in the Area of Tal Abyadal-RaqqahArabe-
13Messages from the Land of the Front LinesHalabArabe-
14aFeeding on a Day With Inanition NinawaArabe-
14bThe Singular Religion of Infidels #2al-KhayrArabe-
14cVivid Messages From the Bacillus City of Bayji #2NAArabe-
14dMessage pour la franceSalah al-DinFrançais, arabeOui
15aBut Rather the Believers Are Brothersal-RaqqahArabe-
15bAnd Exhort One Another With the Truth #3al-FallujahArabe-
15cA Message Signed With Blood to the Nation of the CrossNAAnglais, arabeNASource non-disponible
16aViews of the Muslims on the Burning of the Jordanian PilotHomsArabe-
16bStorming Barracks of the Safavid Army and Its Rejectionist Militias (al-Hitawiyyin/Zub'a)al-JanubArabe-
17Removing the Tomb of the Polytheismal-KhayrArabe-
18Tourism of my Ummah of Jihad in the Way of GodKirkukArabe-
19aStability of the Knights in the Area of the SquareHalabArabe-
19bInterviews with those on the Front Lines About 'Ayn al-Islamal-RaqqahArabe-
19cRepentance of Mansur al-Sh'aytial-KhayrArabe-
19dBlood of the Jihad #4NinawaArabe-
19eMessage to Wilayat KhurasanDiyalaArabe-
19fStorming the Barracks of those Belong to the Apostate PeshmergaKirkukArabe-
20aRepentance's #3: Giving their Testimony About their Previous FactionsHalabArabe-
20bCleansing the Samara' BarrageShamal BaghdadArabe-
20cAspects of the Conquests of al-Baghdadial-AnbarArabe-
21aRaid of Access to the Newborn Border: Chasing Guards of Sykes-Picotal-FuratArabe-
21bAnd Heal the Chest of a Believing PeopleKirkukArabe-
22al-Faruq Institute for the Cubsal-RaqqahArabe-
23Snipers of Wilayat al-Khayral-KhayrArabe-
24aThe Services Center #2: Relighting the Streets and Markets in the Provinceal-FallujahArabe-
24bConvoys of Martyrs #1TarabulusArabe-
25Message to JordanNAArabe-
26aThe Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice #1NinawaArabe-
26bMessage For the General Ummahal-FuratArabe-
27aUpon the Path of Lifting the Siege: Conquering Jabal Dukuah on the Outskirts of Eastern al-GhutahDimashqArabe-
27bMessage to the Brothers of TawhidTarabulusArabe-
28aEpic Battles of the Caliphate in Binghazi: Message to the Soldiers of the Tyrantal-BarqahArabe-
28bAspects of the Conquests of al-Baghdadi #2al-AnbarArabe-

Janvier 2015

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
4The Return of Life in the City of 'Ayn 'Isaal-RaqqahArabe-
5Progress of the Battle in 'Ayn al-Islam #2al-RaqqahArabe-
6aMessage from Muslims to the Family of the Pilotal-KhayrArabe-
6bA Message from Brother 'And Allah MoldovialHayatAnglais, arabe, autreNonS'adresse à l'Afghanistan
6cAspect of the Course of the Battle in the Area of al-Mu'amalal-FallujahArabe-
7aGeneration of the Caliphate #1al-BarakahArabe-
7bPercussion of the SwordsSalah al-DinArabe-
8Bombing Homes and Residence of the ApostatesKirkukArabe-
9Messages from the Fortified Strongholds #3KirkukArabe-
10aMessages from the Fields of the Frontier #1DiyyalaArabe-
10bRepentance From Tens (of Members) of Jabhat al-Nusrah and Ahrar al-ShamHalabArabe-
11aTal'afar Training CampNinawaArabe-
11bSpread of Soldiers of the Caliphate in the City of al-Mawsil (Mosul)NinawaArabe-
11cExcept Those Who Repent, Believeal-KhayrArabe-
12To You, My People, A Message #2al-BarakahArabe-
13aImplementation of the Rule of God Against an Apostate Commander of the Awakeningal-JanubArabe-
13bUncovering an Enemy WithinalHayatAnglais, arabe, autreOuiS'adresse d'abord aux Russes, puis aux espions ennemis en général
14aMen of the Hisbah #2al-RaqqahArabe-
14bMessage From the Trenches and the Storming of the Barracksal-JanubArabe-
14cReportage à propos des Opérations béni(e)s de Franceal-RaqqahFrançais, arabeOui
15Storming the Barracks of the Safavid Army and a Martyrdom OperationShamal BaghdadArabe-
16aMedical Services in the City of JarabulusHalabArabe-
16bInterview About the Jordanian Pilotal-RaqqahArabe-
16cWords Watered with Bloodal-KhayrArabe-
16dGlances in the Shadows of the Caliphate #5al-BarakahArabe-
17aWords from the Heart #3al-KhayrArabe-
17bMessage of HumamDiyalaArabe-
17cMessages From Those on the Front Lines #2al-FallujahArabe-
18aProgress of the Battle in 'Ayn al-Islam #3al-RaqqahArabe-
18bRevenge #1al-AnbarArabe-
18cMonthly Statistical Operations (The Month of November-December)al-JanubArabe-
19aA Message to the Government and People of JapanNAAnglais, arabe-Menace le Japon
19bBlood of the Jihad #3NinawaArabe-
19cI Swear By the Name of God That We Will RevengeDiyalaArabe-
20aWork Service of al-Bab and Its SurroundingsHalabArabe-
20bBlowing Up the Headquarters of the Tyrants' PartiesDiyalaArabe-
20cMessage To Our Brothers The MonotheistsTarabulusArabe-
20dWords From the Light To the Lovers of Paradise and Its WomenHomsArabe-
20eBringing Down a Plane of the Nusayri Crusader Allianceal-KhayrArabe-
21aAnd Exhort One Another With the Truth #2al-FallujahArabe-
21bLions of the BattlegroundSina' (Sinai)Arabe-
23Verily, Only the Rule of GodKirkukArabe-
24aLiving in the Shade of the CaliphateHalabArabe-
24bInterviews About the Destruction of the Tyrant of the Peninsulaal-RaqqahArabe-
24cSlaughtering a Japanese Captive and Appeal of Second To His Family and GovernmentNANANASource non-disponible
24dDelivering a Speech At a Point On the Front LinesHalabArabe-
25aBombing of the Muslims in al-Mawsil (Mosul) and Poisoning Dozens of themNinawaArabe-
25bJoy of the Monotheists With the Mortality of the Head of the ApostatesSalah al-DinArabe-
26aThe Racers to Paradise #2al-RaqqahArabe-
26bWe Swear We Will RevengeSina' (Sinai)Arabe-
26cGlad Tidings of the Mujahidin With the Decimation of the Tyrant of the Peninsulaal-KhayrArabe-
27The Second and Last Message From the Captive Kenji GotoNAAnglais, arabe-
28aMessages from Lions of the Peninsulaal-RaqqahArabe-
28bTheir Merchandise Returned to ThemDiyalaArabe-
29aKilling An Apostate in the Place of the Allied Bombing in al-Shaddadial-BarakahArabe-
29bPledging of Allegiance by Clan Shaykhs to the Caliph of the MuslimsKirkukArabe-
31aA Message to the Government of JapanNAAnglais, Arabe-
31bMessages From the Land of the Front Lines #1NinawaArabe-
31cStorming the Barracks of the PeshmergaDiyalaArabe-
31dThe Security Apparatus Arrest of an Agent of the Jordanian Intelligenceal-KhayrArabe-

Décembre 2014

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
1Tour Through the Market of al-Qa'imal-FuratArabe-
2aThe Global Alliance Scrutinized and Afflictedal-RaqqahArabe-
2bWords Fromt the Heart #1al-KhayrArabe-
10aProgress of the Battle in 'Ayn al-Islam #1HalabArabe-
10bAreas That The Islamic State Controlsal-KhayrArabe-
10cOur State Is Victoriousal-Hayat Media CenterAnglais, arabeOuiNasheed
11aThe Nusayri Planes Bombing the Houses of the Muslims in the City of al-Raqqahal-RaqqahArabe-
11bWords From the Heart #2al-KhayrArabe-
17aMessage to the People of TunisiaNAArabe-
17bMessage of 'And al-Halim al-ShishaniSalah al-DinArabe-
18A Considerable Warning to AnyoneHalabArabe-

Novembre 2014

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
30Storming the Gate of Murshid Binar by the Army of the Caliphateal-RaqqahArabe-
16?alHayat?OuiExécution de prisonniers, dont l'Américain Peter Kassig. Maxime Hauchard, djihadiste français, apparaît pour la première fois dans une vidéo de l'État islamique.

Octobre 2014

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques

Septembre 2014

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
16Flames of the Waral-Hayat Media CenterAnglais, ArabeOuiBande-annonce

Août 2014

DateTitreWilayatLangueMenace l'OccidentRemarques
2Eid Greetings from the Land of the Caliphateal-Hayat Media CenterAnglais, arabeOuiRecrutement
9Tour in the Liberated AreasNinawaArabe-
10Virtual Tour Inside Division 93 After Its Liberational-RaqqahArabe-
18On the Liberation of 'Kraghul' Area From the Safavid Army and Its Militiasal-JanubArabe-
19A Message to Americaal-Furqan Media CenterAnglais, arabeOuiSource non-disponible
20Entry of Hundreds of Yazidis to IslamNinawaArabe-
23Disperse By (Means of) Them Those Behind Themal-I'tisam Media CenterArabe-

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